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Town of Winnsboro

"Stars and Stripes Capital of Louisiana"

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Mission, Vision, & Commitment

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of the Town of Winnsboro to provide high quality services which promote a safe, active, and healthy environment, thereby enabling our citizens to realize the best standard of living possible through cost-effective governance.

Vision Statement: 

To accomplish this mission, the Town of Winnsboro is committed to recognizing the rights of all citizens while providing them with efficient and effective services; an infrastructure of sufficient capacity; diverse opportunities for recreational, cultural, and economic development; and a well-managed and fiscally sound community.

Commitment to

Ethical Practice: 

Town of Winnsboro employees are committed to transparency. Our actions and service must promote the highest standards of professional integrity. We hold ourselves accountable for our decisions and the consequences that arise from them.

Mayor of Winnsboro
 Alice Wallace

Town of Winnsboro

  • Fire Chief - Jessie Morris

  • Police Chief - Tyrone Coleman

  • Budget Clerk - Cal Pierce

  • Human Resources - Jayne Pierce

  • Front Office Manager - Bernice Robinson

  • Utility Billing - Gwen Jackson

  • Accounts Receivable - Debra Alexander

  • Superintendent - 

  • Public Works - Greg Brown

  • District 1 - Tyrone Coleman

  • District 2 - 

  • District 3 - Eddie Dunn

  • District 4 - Jerry Johnson

  • District 5 - Rex McCarthy

*Town of Winnsboro Council Meetings are held every 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00 P.M. at the Jack Hammons Community Center located at 810 Adams Street in Winnsboro. ​

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