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Dr. Jackie Johnson - Northeast LA Power


Electricity and natural gas systems: 

 -NELPCO - Peak load as needed

 -Entergy - 

 -Atmos -

Local substation or system’s excess capacity during peak load periods. Capacity to add significant load to the system:




Significant outages during the last 5 years:




Atmos energy is the local natural gas provider.

Telecommunications capabilities include broadband access on a limited basis. Sanitary sewer, solid waste management, and water systems. 

Water Systems.png

Traffic Count

Average Daily Traffic Count:

 -Industrial Park – 11,231

 -In front of Street Insurance – 18,905

 -In front of Winnsboro Bank - 14,180

 -In front of White Ford – 8,704

 -In front of Winnsboro Dodge – 9,138

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