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Sam's Spotlight: "LDCC...Did you know?"

Did you know that we have a comprehensive college focused on supporting students from all demographics and all walks of life right here in Winnsboro? Did you know that we have state-of-the-art training labs and equipment for welding, allied health, and science? Maybe you did, but maybe you do not know what ALL Louisiana Delta Community College (LDCC) in Winnsboro has to offer. So, this week’s spotlight I am going to educate you on that - one of the greatest education tools and workforce development partners we have right here locally in Franklin Parish.

Education and workforce development are both huge contributors to a community’s economic development. We are blessed to have an education asset located centrally to our community. I work closely with the campus director, DeAnne Kiper, to make sure that I am educated on current information about the college so that I can effectively help market this gem in our community and share with business partners or potential businesses who may need workforce training for their employees. This is one of our economic drivers, and I want to make sure you know the great impact it has on our community. We should be very proud!

DeAnne says, “Louisiana Delta Community College is a comprehensive college that is focused on supporting students from all demographics and all walks of life. Whether you are a traditional student just starting your college career or a mid-career person wanting a different path, LDCC-Winnsboro has the resources and people to help you along the way.

LDCC-Winnsboro has state-of-the-art training labs and equipment for welding, allied health, and science. The beautiful new campus offers many comfortable spaces for students to relax, study, or meet with friends. We offer large and small meeting rooms for staff, students, and members of the community to gather. We love meeting new people, so please come by to take a tour of our campus or to ask questions about your new career.”

There are three new programs available at LDCC-Winnsboro that we are excited to welcome - Heavy Equipment Vehicle Operator and Commercial Vehicle Operator, Associate of Science in Teaching, and Medical Assistant. Other certifications, diplomas, and degrees are as follows: LPN to RN Bridge, Practical Nursing, EKG Tech and Phlebotomy Tech, Nurse Assistant, Welding, General Studies, Transfer Degrees, and High School Equivalency.

Students have access to a full-service LDCC Campus providing financial aid counseling, enrollment services assistance, and career guidance. Even if you attend another LDCC location, you can receive assistance here at home. Don’t let lack of financial resources discourage you. There are many opportunities to get help with paying tuition like grants, loans, and scholarships.

The first day of classes is August 16, 2021. Students interested in attending the fall semester need to apply now for admission and financial aid. As mentioned earlier, you can stop by anytime if you have questions or would like to take a tour. You can also visit or call 318-367-6200 for more information. I hope this spotlight has helped you see what pride we should have in LDCC-Winnsboro and take advantage of the opportunities available to you locally, whether it is for you personally, your workplace, or referring to a friend. It all ties together to prosper our parish and continue making our community a great place to live and be.

See you next week for Sam’s Spotlight!

Sam Sheppard

Franklin Parish Economic Development Coordinator


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